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Debian Upgrade #1

Posted Wed 23 May 2007 11:02:59 AM CEST in

I am taking care on ~360 Debian machines at work. Those are still running Woody so i had a look on how to upgrade them automatically. Things to do would be:

  • Upgrade woody -> sarge -> etch
  • replace lilo by grub but take care on serial console
  • replace handcraftet by debian kernel
  • switch to udev
  • repartition and resize2fs the last partition (/opt) to max disk
  • switch from rdist to cfengine2 for config distribution

The most important part - Try to not break those machines as they are spread across germany in remote locations. The first thing i did was an inventory which machine had which Board, CPU, Disksize, Memsize and kernel type. I ran through all steps to upgrade a machine and manually noted the commands necessary. I'll report back which issues arise.