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Debian Upgrade #3 or grub the nonbooter

Posted Thu 24 May 2007 08:50:57 PM CEST in

"The most important part - Try to not break those machines" i said in #1 - Sir - We lost Nuernberg.

After reproducing it on my desk i found an interesting "grub" bug. All machines are currently equipped with lilo and i wanted to upgrade to grub. So - you issue an apt-get install grub then you need to replace the mbr and write a config. When you first issue an upgrade-grub you are boned. It will write a hd(0,0) as the root partition. When you grub-install /dev/hda first everything is fine and it'll detect the correct root partition.

While playing with the upgrade procedure i thought of an fast image based machine recovery. It seems partimage will only be able to cover single partitions not full disks including partioning.