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Vintage Computing

Posted Tue 29 May 2007 09:53:06 PM CEST in

I was cleaning my room and found two machines i just kept because i needed to make a backup before dismantling. I powered the first up and found i needed an AT (not PS/2) Keyboard and i still had loads of them. The machine came up and greeted me. The filesystem was on a 250MByte SCSI Disk connected via an Adaptec AHA1542. It hadnt been checked for 1255 Days. It had last been powered up on 29th Sep 2004 and the .forward in my own homedirectory was dated 15 June 1999. lspci showed 3 PCI Devices, none of them beeing an extension card. /proc/cpuinfo told me i was using an Authentic AMD K5. The second showed an SCSI disk on an AHA2940 Wide Bus which was reported as not ready. After hitting the disk with a screwdriver i heard it spin up. After booting it had massive problems detecting the PCI devices in there so i decided to just dismantle and not care about the backup any longer.

All this hardware felt very familiar and i would now declare myself an Oldtimer.