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sane and scanner buttons

Posted Thu 09 Apr 2009 09:42:00 AM CEST in

After starting to make my home a paperless by introducing a Document Management System i wondered how to use the buttons on my document scanner (fujitsu fi-4120C). After looking around people seemed to have written some software using the libsane backend to poll the buttons. One to name is kscannerbuttons. They all did not fit my needs as i wanted a command line version. Also the fujisto does "only" have 2 buttons (scan and send to) but it has the notation of a function with a 7 segment display which does not trigger a function itself, but may be used to address the function to issue on pressing one of the other 2 buttons. So i started to write my own little scanbtn which regularly polls the buttons, debounces the changes, only notifies a secondary script which contains the policy on change etc. To get the source try:

git clone git://hydra.gt.owl.de/scanbtn.git