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bye bye ROXTerm

Posted Thu 08 Jun 2017 04:16:31 PM CEST Florian Lohoff in

After upgrading to Debian/Stretch my MAJOR point of annoyance was the brokenness of ROXTerm. I have been using ROXTerm for years because gnome-terminal was a major PITA for me. I am heavily using ctrl++ and ctrl+- for changing font sizes. The brokenness in gnome-terminal starts in that font sizes are per TAB and not per window - but - gnome-terminal resizes the window when changing font size. So it is an inconsistent usage which is a major PITA when having a very small font in a vi/development tab so get a huge function on your screen, and a large font mutt/email tab. Switching between those mangles the window size only one way so you very quickly end up grabbing your mouse to again resize the window. Other issues were the character stoplist on double click marking (Which is only configurable by dconf/gsettings) etc etc etc ...

So - I was using ROXTerm. Now ROXTerm has been removed from Stretch because of some GTK3 breakage. I am left with a ROXTerm which when startet opens a 2x20 Window.

Looking for reasons i stumbled on the last message of Tony Houghon mentioning the Death of ROXTerm.

Now i am with sakura because Enrico Zini mentioned it. The only thing missing is beeing able to drag a tab from an existing window to create a new one or better - full drag and drop support for tabs.

I guess thats of a smaller annoyance than ROXTerm breakage and gnome-terminal broken font/view zoom concepts.