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BBS and History

Posted Tue Jan 2 21:02:27 2018 Florian Lohoff in

I used to be running a Bulletin Board System back in the good old days. It was running on an Amiga 3000T040 with the famous C-Net BBS System.

After Harald Welte opened the bbs-revival mailing list i did some research what happened to the software i used to run more than 20 years ago.

C-Net seems to be sold to some Texas Company called Storm's Edge Technologies and is mostly dead since long before. I'd be grateful if the source would be released - somewhere on github. Its some remarkable piece of history.

There is a website called www.cnetbbs.net which is about C-Net.

In the peak times i was running C-Net with 6 lines with US Robotics Courier V.Everything modems on a single Amiga with BSC MFCIII (Multiface 3) serial cards. The MFCIII added another 2 serial ports in a Zorro II slot.

As the Amiga had preemtive multitasking it was no problem to run multiple lines on the same machine. The lack of memory protection made it a little instable but C-Net was a well written piece of software. Together with TrapDoor a FIDO Frontend and AmiTCP + AmiUUCP we had connectivity via "real email".

My Linux "career" began when Linux got its IP stack which was a lot more stable than AmiTCP. I started polling mails from the Linux machine with UUCP and transported it via an Arcnet and AmiTCP + UUCP over IP to the Amiga and my BBS users.

Later i offered IP and ISDN dialup which was served by the Linux system and users of the BBS faded. Around 1994-1996 the Amiga system and the BBS were decommissioned.