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Whats wrong with Icinga2

Posted Tue 25 Sep 2018 10:54:06 AM CEST Florian Lohoff

I always had my problems with Icinga2. I always collided with the pretty strict correlation between services and hosts (For me monitoring and especially dependencys are a graph) and i always got the limits of dependency modelation. Yes i know, dependencies are not the common use in monitoring. 95% of Users might get away without a single explicit dependency.

Some migrations from Icinga1 simply failed because of missing mod_perl/embperl support which made a simple migration on the same hardware impossible. I made some hacks abusing the apache on localhost and its mod_perl support for running icinga2 checks - but that are hacks.

Today i think i found the issue with Icinga2 - It began with an EOL/EOS announcement for Icinga1 which i replied to on Twitter which i replied to that Icinga2 is not a drop in and there are technical issues which make some installations of Icinga1 to last possibly forever. I dont buy the argument that its impossible to embed perl, lua, python, php into Icinga2. Postgres does it, Apache, Nginx. All of them allow on one way or the other to run code in embedded languages. Yes - These interpreters may leak memory, they may not be as easy to embed as lua, but its doable and other projects do it for years. Pointing to this buys me an polite "Fuck off" - I guess i now know whats wrong here.

Michael Friedrich @dnsmichi 14 Std.vor 14 Stunden

JFYI - #Icinga 1.x is EOL and support ends in 3 months. This includes Classic UI.

Plan your migration to Icinga 2 & Icinga Web 2.

Florian Lohoff @fl0h0ff Antwort an @dnsmichi

I guess some instances are there to stay for another 10 years. I know some of them. And i can feel their pain. Icinga2 is not a drop in replacement and i know at least 3 instances who cant simple change because of performance issues caused by modperl missing.

Michael Friedrich @dnsmichi 2 Std.vor 2 Stunden Antwort an @fl0h0ff

Embedded Perl is a technical No-Go, similar to embedded Python. The implementation in Icinga 1.x for Perl has plenty of bugs and memory leaks - it may have worked, but there's room for changes.

Icinga 2 is here for four years now, with a helping community on migration tasks.

Florian Lohoff @fl0h0ff Antwort an @dnsmichi

Interestingly the webservers have solved these issues for years ... Either by separation and limiting the number of executions or factoring out into fpm helpers. And no ... The community does not help porting thousands of lines of code over from perl.

Michael Friedrich @dnsmichi 19 Min.vor 19 Minuten Antwort an @fl0h0ff

Sarcasm won‘t help much, goodbye.