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Area hierarchy QA checks

Posted Sat 20 Oct 2018 03:24:02 PM CEST Florian Lohoff

For some time i was thinking about a check for hierarchy in areas. For example the amenity=parking for a school should be completely within the surrounding amenity=school and not cross the outer boundary.

I implemented the first checks which checks leisure and amenity for crossing themselves or landuse/natural.

One of the huge error sources are leisure=nature_reserve which are basically above everything else. IMHO they should not be a leisure but some type of boundary relation. For now i excluded the nature_reserves as then all nature reserves would be red.

Here is a very simple example as a cropped screenshot from josm. The amenity=parking should either be completely within the surrounding amenity=hospital or outside of that amenity.

There are cornercases where this might not actually be correct but i havent found that many yet.

The output of the checks is currently available for some German states e.g. NRW, RLP, NDS, HE as the other landuse, natural and building overlaps checks i am running.

Here is the example of the Hannover region: